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228Re: [canadiancontent] Re: BottosCon and Diplomacy

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  • Edi Birsan
    4 May, 2008
      Andrew sent out a general notice from the 'World Diplomacy
      Federation' that its Annual International Diplomacy Championship
      would be held in your event.

      The WDF was a failed idea from the 90's (unknown to Andrew) and was
      made up by Andrew to give the event some attraction along with the
      name of Annual International Diplomacy Championship which sort of
      conflicts the real World Diplomacy Championship as an added bit of
      hype. The combination did not sit well or give a good impression,
      but it did attract some attention, so maybe it will work out in the
      end when he refocuses down to the Diplomacy event at the BottosCon.

      Edi Birsan
      EdiBirsan at astound.net

      On May 4, 2008, at 10:52 PM, Rob wrote:

      > Not sure I know what you mean by the Grandiose approach at this
      > stage??
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