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2485Re: [BottosCon] Art's Amtrak BottosCon Gaming Express

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  • Stephen Graham
    30 Oct, 2013
      it's a 5:45 p.m. train. We generally have aimed to be on the Skytrain
      about 3:30-3:45.

      On 10/30/2013 10:49 AM, robinkorea2002 wrote:
      > OK, based on the replies here these are the names of the people
      > arriving via Amtrak needing the shuttle to pick them up at the King
      > George Sky train Station.
      > Art Brochet
      > Stephen Graham
      > Robert Kuhar
      > Charlie Shephard
      > Phil McQueen
      > Scot McConnachie
      > Michel Boucher
      > Wilhelm Fitzpatrick
      > Are there any other names that need to be added to this list? I will
      > be speaking with the hotel today. What time does your train depart on
      > Sunday as I will have to arrange for your shuttle as you will be
      > leaving outside regular operating hour.
      > Rob
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