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  • George & Charlene Kelln
    6 Nov, 2013
      We're on the 9.00 am ferry, so we should be rolling in just before noon.
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      Subject: [BottosCon] Re: Games ASL - Wargames - Similar high strategy in depth gaming


      George, what time do you expect to be onsite on Friday?
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      > CR,
      > ASL will be played starting Friday at Noon and continuing until Sunday 4pm, all levels of experience are welcomed; all is needed is for you to show up and enjoy yourself.
      > George
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      > From: Erthshielder
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      > Subject: [BottosCon] Games ASL - Wargames - Similar high strategy in depth gaming
      > Hi all I have not done much here with this group. I used to live on Vancouver Island and the ASL group there is quite small. I like ASL significantly and was getting quite into it when I lived in Toronto. I completely lost touch with it and all the players however when I moved to the Island. Even in Toronto I was fairly "new" at the game though I did participate in one tournament. I REALLY would like to get back into the scene and start playing full time again. I work Wednesday to Saturday most weeks however which leaves my playtime quite limited especially when most people can only play on the weekend. I did get this weekend off however so I can now officially come to Bottos-Con woo BUT I would like to be "inserted" into some games if at all possible. I as noted would REALLY like some ASL games and would love to be in the tournament though I am pretty sure with how newbish and rusty I am I would be rather difficult to play with. If anyone out there is up for the task please feel free to get in touch with me. I also would love to have a regular weekly game if anyone wants to join me in Richmond, on Sunday or Mondays I have all day on both those days to play. I ONLY have the old set of rules at present however and would need to leach the new set off someone until Christmas when I expect to get one in my stocking :) If anyone has any other games they would like to play that are high strategy and heavy thinking I am all for it. I still have not enjoyed a game of the 1800 series railroad game and have heard those are quite good. Well here's to hoping on such short notice I can get in on some good gaming this weekend. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
      > CR

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