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2546Wings of Glory - Dogfight Challenge Rules

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  • oldguy59_wgf
    7 Nov, 2013
      Anyone interested in the Wings of Glory Dogfight Challenge on Saturday Night, I have posted the "Rules of Engagement" for the 'Tournament' in the Files section.

      The schedule indicates ten people max, but I have found a format for up to 12, if we have that many who wish to play. I will be using a Swiss System, so everyone plays five games, win or loose (just not necessarily all opponents). The total number of matches won, then total damage inflicted, and finally least amount of damage taken will be used to determine the winner after five matches.
      Players will fly the same planes against each other to better even the odds, but this really is a "luck of the draw" tournament, with superior flying assisting the wins.

      Please bring a sense of humour and sportsmanship. Even the most expert pilot can be taken down by a rookie with randomly drawn damage cards. In Olympia, at Enfilade 2013, I was taken down by an opponent playing his second ever game of Wings of Glory. I had three damage cards against me, he had five. Mine were 5, 5, and 4. His were 0, 0, 0, 0, 1. He came in second, overall!

      Have fun!

      Mike :)
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