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2569Great to hear it was successful ... sad I missed it ...

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  • Aldo Santolla
    23 Nov, 2013

      I am sorry I missed it this year, especially the fact that the venue, the Sheraton Hotel, was only 7 minutes away from where I live. But my wife surprised me with a trip to Cancun Mexico, so I couldn’t really say no. But I did think about it ... yah right, for a split second. Happy wife happy life is what I was hearing in Cancun and I must admit, it was a great week of doing absolutely nothing ... even though I did want to fly some starships and blow up stuff, and yell at dice for not doing what I told them to do.


      Oh well, I guess it will be next year. Next time I will use a large RED sharpie and mark the calendar very clearly.


      Happy gaming :-)





      Aldo Santolla

      Surrey, BC, Canada