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  • troy_chard
    3 Dec, 2013
      Hi Geoff,

      I think it'd be cool to check out, but it's too soon for me to commit though. I'll have to firm up plans as we get closer.


      --- In BottosCon@..., "talonz51" <Talonz51@...> wrote:
      > Im looking to run some events at my local upcoming con on feb28/march1-2.
      > http://www.gottacon.com/
      > I've been trying to get them to give me a room or X tables for open wargaming but they've been relatively cold on the concept and am running a fairly standard all comers scheduled events con. To that end I might do some standard boardgames fri and sat night, maybe satmorning, and something wargamey sunday morning and afternoon?
      > Does anyone want to comitt to coming over for anything? Republic of Rome/Sword of Rome/C&Cancients, etc.? If they give me a few tables throughout the con, do you want a table?
      > lmk!
      > Geoff
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