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  • Aldo Santolla
    11 Dec, 2013

      This will be my 3rd year going to and hosting at GottaCon. They do have open tables for pickup games, but not that many. Most people sign up on what they are interested in, hence why they use Warhorn event manager. But I had people show up on the day and if there was space, they would just sit down and play. I even pulled people walking by and got them to sit, if I needed a chair filled.


      This year they are in the Victoria Convention Center for the first time, so it will be a new experience for the organizers. I suspect a bit of confusion and a learning curve as to what the space will be like for everyone, and how they are going to manage everything.


      I wouldn’t give up trying yet to get a table or two. They tend to ask the past hosts first to see if they will attend and manage a game or two before they fill the remaining spaces. I got my request email last month and I have my tables booked. I am sure they will have something once they get there confirmations all worked out.


      I will be hosting HârnMaster (Fri), Firefly (Sat), and Game of Thrones 2nd Edition (Sat) this year.


      See yah there! J




      Aldo Santolla

      Surrey, BC, Canada


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      I agree Brian, thats why I was specefically trying to get a room or group of tables for wargaming specefically.  There's still the possibility that I can get some tables, they are waiting to see what they have left after general events submissions, but its obvious they are putting me at the back of the list right now.


      Any interest in Sword of Rome?  Im thinking of running that, its fairly accessible as far as wargames go.



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