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  • troy_chard
    15 Dec, 2013
      Hi Geoff,

      Yep, I wrote HoTW clone on Games by email, and sure, I'm always up for a game :)
      ( one of these days I have to go back and implement "pre-eminence"... one of these days :o )

      I've got the weekend marked on my calendar and I'm thinking it'd be cool to show up and do CCA. I still have to firm up plans as we get closer though.


      --- In BottosCon@..., <Talonz51@...> wrote:
      > Mike, are you starting at 6 or 7? Im in games those evenings already but starting at 6 might pull in some walkbys as 6-7 is a bit of a deadzone (gcon tends to leave 1-2 and 6-7 as 1 hour zone slots that almost never get used for anything).
      > Troy, just noticed you wrote the pbem module for History of the World....? I just signed up to run that in the sat am slot. Also up for a pbem game!
      > I still have sat and sun afternoon open if anyone wants to get together for something. C&CAepic for instance...hint hint...as I only have the basic set so far....
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