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2594Games for sale at BottosCon 2014

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  • yrl1967
    25 Feb, 2014
      Hello fellow BottosCon attendees,

      This is way way way early of course, but I'm kinda hoping others will join me in this at BottosCon this fall.

      I have a lot of games that are cluttering my shelf that I would like to re-home. However, there's a fair number of them that aren't worth a lot of money, and the trouble of selling them is almost more than the money I'd make off it.

      And taking them to the thrift shop would make me sad.

      So my idea is that, with Rob's permission, I'd bring the boxes of games I don't want and people could take them in exchange for a cash donation to the food bank - I get rid of games (good), you get to donate to a good cause (good), and the food bank benefits (awesome).

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