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2602ASL - 2014 West Coast Rumble

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  • George & Charlene Kelln
    3 Jul, 2014

      Greetings all;


      It only 120 days until BottosCon 2014 and held in conjunction with the convention will be the 8th Annual West Coast Rumble ASL Tournament. This year will be a 4-Round affair with rounds as follows:


      Round 1: 1800-2359 hrs, Friday 7 November

      Round 2: 0900-1600 hrs, Saturday 8 November

      Round 3: 1700-2359 hrs, Saturday 8 November

      Round 4: 0900-1500 hrs, Sunday 9 November


      For more information check out the West Coast Rumble Website at:


      West Coast Rumble


      Prizes and draws for participants and this year there will be a Tournament T-Shirt for more information check it out at:


      WCR T-Shirt


      And Let’s Get Ready to Rumble






      PS – Thanks Rob for facilitating the convention, your efforts are very much appreciated