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  • oldguy59_wgf
    6 Aug, 2014
      I had too much fun last year, so I'm coming back.

      I will fill up a full schedule of Wings of Glory WWI scenarios, for Friday evening to Saturday evening.  The Forssmann Bomber is back with the Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society, so I am trying to find a replacement.  If I can get what I want, it will be featured in a Saturday Afternoon game, and it will be as, or more, impressive than the Forssmann!  It will also be historically accurate for the period.

      By November, I will have a group of End of War planes (SE5as/Snipes and Fokker D.VIIs) to start the weekend with a serious furball intro (Friday evening).

      All you hard core gamers should consider a pause for a great "beer and pretzels" simulation of WWI aerial combat.  Yes, skill will help, but the random damage from the card-draw system will be somewhat of an equalizer for the novices.

      Mike (OldGuy59 - wingsofwar.org)

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