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  • Duncan Rice
    12 Aug, 2014
      Here is a list of games I would probably be willing to play at Bottoscon.
      Those that I own have played at least once. Other than ASLSK #1, I would not like to teach them though.
      Yom Kippur
      No Retreat! The Russian Front
      F.A.B. Sicily
      World at War: Blood and Bridges
      World at War: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe
      Commands and Colors: Ancients (also have expansion #1)
      Rommel in the Desert
      Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit (All three plus expansion and Decision at Elst)
      ATO The Pocket at Falaise
      Others that I could learn and play
      Heights of Courage
      Storm Over Stalingrad
      Storm over Dien Bien Phu
      Over the Top (Decision Games – to keep with the WWI theme)
      Paths of Glory (WWI theme again)
      Fading Glory
      I also have a number of DG Folio Games and VPG zip locks.
      Folks can also look at my collection and see if anything interests them.
      Duncan Rice