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2648Re: [BottosCon] The Hunters + games to play?

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  • Jay White
    13 Aug, 2014
      Hey Doug!

      When you say "Ultimate Werewolf", are you talking about the "Werewolf / Mafia" type game, where people have secret roles and are trying to either discover / vote out Werewolves, or ill off the "civilians"? 

      If so, I'm totally in! 

      I'd like to play some COIN as well. I playtested the crap out of Cuba Libre and really enjoyed it. I'd be interested in playing that or any of the others. 


      On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 4:02 PM, Doug Cooley doug666@... [BottosCon] <BottosCon@...> wrote:

      Looking forward to finally returning to BC, both the city and the event. The last couple of years conspired to keep me away, but this year my calendar is blocked out and I'm pretty sure I won't have to undergo another open heart surgery this fall. Fingers crossed. ;-)

      I am very interested in Successors. I GMed that game, using the second ed rules, back in the early 00s at WBC, third  ed is very similar. One of my favorite games that I never get to play and almost always a great ride. 

      I am interested in anything COIN. I've played all three of the published designs, looking forward to FitL, which will definitely be out by then, but will really play any of those games.

      I am also hopeful that I can get up a game of Unconditional Surrender. Think Totaler Kreig with less markers and some very forward thinking design.

      And, of course, love the Up Front tournament. 

      I would also be happy to help with teaching introductory wargames if there is a need. I do a lot of the 'splainin' in my gaming group, and have delivered adult technical training courses professionally, so happy to help there.

      I'm very happy to be getting back up to play with you fine folks again, had a great time three years ago and really looking forward to a better lit gaming space than the old venue!

      Doug Cooley, Token Oregonian

      On Aug 13, 2014, at 9:30, "Talonz51@... [BottosCon]" <BottosCon@...> wrote:


      I'm definitely in for successors fri afternoon and C&C ancients epic sat afternoon!



      I will run/play The Hunters starting with a demo saturday morning.  4 players per hour roughly (feel free to sign up for an hour via email), all are welcome to continue a career with further patrols when and as you can, from sat noon in a tonnage tournament.  Top uboat ace noon sunday with most tonnage will be awarded a Uboat trophy! 

       I wish to heck one of my p500 games would come in on time for bottscon (Genesis, Pax Romana, Gallic War) but it doesnt seem like that will happen.


      Interested in playing (games I don't have marked with ?);

       Republic of Rome (fri evening?), some other CDG (Napoleonic Wars? Hannibal RVC?), No Retreat russian front, a block game like East Front, Europe Engulfed, Hellenes, (Ceasar's Gallic War?), any COIN game?, God's Playground?!,  A Most Dangerous Time, Colonial?, Empires of the Middle Ages?!, Kingdom of Heaven?, Medieval,  many more.  I prefer multiplayer multiside abstract strategic games.


      Also would host a series of late night One Night Ultimate Werewolf games if there was interest.  Such a fun way to unwind! 11pm sat?


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