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2668Re: [BottosCon] Re: New to Site, BottosCon info

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  • Roger Reisinger
    14 Aug, 2014
      Thanks for the rundown,

      I will definately check out the schedule when I get to a pc, Im on my phone now.

      I can only make it on the Sunday so I'd like to play a game of CoH and CC, are you guys free on Sunday?

      Also, I'd like to play in a big milti-player game if anyone else in interested. Unfortunately I dont own any historical wargames that fit 5+ players but I do own Axis and Allies aniversary, Game of Thrones, and Twilight Imperium if anyone is interested.


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      On Aug 14, 2014, at 12:35 PM, "Talonz51@... [BottosCon]" <BottosCon@...> wrote:


      Roger, one of the things I really like about bottoscon is that the players make our own schedule directly with other players.  Yes there are some planned major and intro events, but the rest of the schedule is built by us in discussion here, by picking a game, day and time, and having a host and volunteer players.  Then rob adds it all into the database (click 'database' above) and it is up to us to make those games happen.

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