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2732Re: [BottosCon] The whole con

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  • Stephen Graham
    24 Aug, 2014

      There will be a Seattle contingent coming up on the Friday morning train as usual and returning Sunday evening, but the precise composition of that contingent is not yet known.

      On Sun, 24 Aug 2014 16:56:26 -0700, "Roger Leroux yrl1967@... [BottosCon]" <BottosCon@...> wrote:


      Last year I made it for Saturday and Sunday, but this year I'm in for the whole con - who else is an early bird? 

      I know people are already planning and scheduling games, but I'd like to get a better sense of who's coming and when and how long they're staying so I can maximize the number of games I get to play (and the potential to increase my circle of local and not so local gamers for pbem vassal games :).



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