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2734Re: [BottosCon] The whole con

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  • Roger Reisinger
    24 Aug, 2014
      Ill be there all day Friday and Sunday. I have a session of CoH scheduled with Dan but the time hasn't been cemented yet. I have no other commitments so if you want to pencil in some CC let me know. Im really flexible with time as I wont know anyone else at the Con, and even if I dont get much gaming in I look forward to meeting new people that I can play with in the future.

      Roger R

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      On Aug 24, 2014, at 4:56 PM, "Roger Leroux yrl1967@... [BottosCon]" <BottosCon@...> wrote:


      Last year I made it for Saturday and Sunday, but this year I'm in for the whole con - who else is an early bird? 

      I know people are already planning and scheduling games, but I'd like to get a better sense of who's coming and when and how long they're staying so I can maximize the number of games I get to play (and the potential to increase my circle of local and not so local gamers for pbem vassal games :).



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