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2740Re: [BottosCon] COIN: Anything!

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  • ltmurnau
    24 Aug, 2014
      For you COIN fans, I have been working on a COIN system iteration for the Algerian War, 1954-62... so yes, I who designed the game on the Algerian War that partly inspired the COIN system, am going back to the Maghreb after 15 years. 
      Trick is, it's for two players!
      It seems to rattle along quite cheerfully... so anyone who would like to take it for a spin at the Con, please let me know via email: brian.train(at)gmail.com.
      I just have the one rather crude playtest copy, though.
      Working title is DENOUEMENT.
      I also will be running playtests of CAUDILLO, my card game on Latin American strongman politics... Rob took a copy to Dragonflight and a few BottosCon regulars played it there too.

      Thanks for your interest,

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