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2750Re: [BottosCon] Hardcore Wargames

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  • fremonster@ymail.com
    26 Aug, 2014
      Many hardcore wargamers that's who!  Guys like Stephen Graham, Boyd Schorzman, Dean Essig, Perry Andrus, Lee Forester, Greg Ullrich and Dave Powell who all have playtesting/proofreading credits on this 1996 beauty.
      I have to agree, it can induce trauma, but we are hardcore wargamers, are we not?  So Hube's Pocket will be the main event, with as many map sets as needed to support scheduled players.  For those only prepared to dip their toe in the icy rush of OCS, we'll have Reluctant Enemies on the side, as Bill suggests.

      Bone up on the situation - it is January 1944, and Army Group South, holding only a portion of the Dnepr River risks encirclement and destruction...

      "or the rare and forbidding Hube's Pocket (thought by many to be the best title in the series)"
      Many who?  That thing is the densest, chewiest, brain-burningist, "oh my god there's no liney-ist", look at all those Russian guardsmen-ist, experience I've ever totally bailed on in all my life.

      Having Reluctant Enemies going as a training game next to the main event probably makes sense.

      I'm up for anything, but probably prefer OCS or SCS.  I don't think the Normandy SCS game will be out by then, right?

      I would like an August campaign start of Baltic Gap, so I can see what the German counterattack looks like, but I think some others have played that.  Is there a 10-turn scenario version of that?

      Can we have a 10 PM Kremlin game on Friday night?  That midnight Kremlin lasting til 4 AM is too much for me!

      I'm in for SCS or OCS - partial to SCS right now, but hey - I'm fickle! (I'm sure I'll be doing some Serbia 1914 with Mike Resch etc. )

      OCS or SCS for me, with a moderate preference for OCS. Still too soon for me to contemplate another TCS I'm afraid. :/

      Ah cripes, Art... I may be sucked in by any of these options...

      On Aug 24, 2014, at 9:16 AM, "artbrochet@... [BottosCon]" <BottosCon@...> wrote: 

      I'm torn between OCS, SCS and TCS again this year. So, for those interested in team or tag team play of some serious hex grid WWII games please weigh in on your preferences: 

      OCS - the new starter game Reluctant Enemies, a reprise of Blitzkrieg Legend, or the rare and forbidding Hube's Pocket (thought by many to be the best title in the series) - with a 30% bigger map to provide finger room along the Dnepr. 

      SCS - the new 2 front Mighty Endeavor beckons, but it IS the 100th anniversary of WWI, so there's that trio, or perhaps Fallschimjaeger? 

      TCS - Leros, Bloody 110, or Screaming Eagles to keep it simple. Think it over; these are games most of us won't get to play outside a con while the morning long session of (fill in the blank) can be any weekend. 

      Don't make me break out High Frontier Colonization. - Art

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