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2754Re: [BottosCon] Hardcore Wargames

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  • nohbnow
    27 Aug, 2014
      That's it Art, I can't resist any more... sign me up for Hubes! I have a copy if more are needed.

      I played it twice back when it was new. The first was the usual "what the hell do I do now" for the German player. The second game was really strange. I played the Germans who went first in the scenario. Looking at the map I somehow saw that there was just enough supply range to move German armoured divs to destroy a couple of Sovied armoured corps, as this was turn one the Soviet player seeing this was ready to throw in the towel. What the heck happened there? It was so long ago I am thinking now it was just a dream. Somehow I don't think this can be replicated ;-)

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