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2764Planning for Hube's

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  • fremonster@ymail.com
    28 Aug, 2014

      OK Hardcore Gamers -

      There's lot's of ways we can do Hube's together, but we need a plan, so:

      Between now and 9/15: let's ID who's up for playing on which days.  I've created different lines in the file for the 2014 events, one per day.  Please add your name and - if limited to just some part of the day - what hours you want to play.  Feel free to contact other attendees who may not subscribe to the list if you think they'd be interested and have them do the same.

      Mid-September I'll make sense of the sign-ups and figure out how many games/tables we'll need and what the pairings (or teams) might be.

      By September's end each pairing/team should agree on which of the 5 scenarios to play, who has the Germans, and what optional rules will be in effect (OCS and Hube's specific).  And we'll need to decide who will bring copies to play with.

      In October everyone should refresh their OCS memories and spend a little time thinking about the terrain, supply routes, etc.  German players will need to start planning their set-up, using Vassal if need be.

      Prior to the con the German player should record their starting positions; there's too much at stake to count on setting up on the fly.  

      Russians should just set-up at the con in response to the German dispositions; seeing them a week in advance would give them too much of an advantage over the soon-to-be repeatedly surrounded Germans.

      Oh yeah, prospective players should be sure to read the notes I've placed in each day's event lines....


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