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2792Jay White unloading more games

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  • Jay White
    3 Sep, 2014
      Hi all, 

      I'm selling off more games, and I thought I'd try to connect with you locals before I ship the games off to parts unknown. I'd be happy to hold the games until Bottoscon, or could ship beforehand. Below are the prices I will be asking, but I'm happy to take offers, and will especially be willing to lower prices if you purchase now, and order multiple games.  
      I live in Canada, but have shipped to the US and Internationally many times, and never had problems. I take great care in packing the games. 
      OCS: CASE BLUE $375 US 
      Opened only to verify contents are complete. The game is untouched, except that several moves have worn the rear corners of the box a wee bit. (I can send photos to show you.) The front side is almost pristine, with some wear on the corners. Contents of the box are mint. 
      OCS: DAK II $300 US 
      Same deal as Case Blue - everything untouched inside, but some minor wear on the box corners.  
      Unless stated otherwise, aall games below are unplayed with box in excellent condition and mint components. All taken out of shrink to verify contents complete. 
      Napoleon's Triumph (Simmons Games) $140 US 
      Storm of Steel (Decision Games): $80 US 
      OCS: Guderian's Blitzkrieg II (MMP): $100 US 
      Carthage: The First Punic War (GMT): $60 US 
      Rise of the Roman Republic (GMT): $50 US (This does not have a box... was bought from GMT Games in a ziploc.) 
      Prussia's Glory II (GMT): $20 US 
      Downtown: The Air War over Hanoi (GMT): $55 US 
      Stonewall's Last Battle (AH): $30 US 
      This Terrible Sound (The Gamers): $80 US 
      A Fearful Slaughter (The Gamers): $50 US 
      South Mountain (MMP): $20 US 
      In Their Quiet Fields (The Gamers): $20 US 

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