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2803Re: [BottosCon] Re: Planning for Hube's

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  • Bill Gustafson
    4 Sep, 2014
      Hi All,

      So I paid Rob, and I tried to sign up for the Hube's but can't seem to edit the database fields, but I am all in for Hube's Pocket.  I printed out the game specific rules, and see several scenarios, all of which look manageable in a weekend (5-10 turns).  I don't have a preference for side or scenario.  I think that I would prefer to play as part of a team - I remember that either side would be too much for me by myself, although if we have an odd number I think the Germans might be able to manage solo (or we could do 3 Soviets - an overall/air commander, and 2 front commanders).  And if we have too many, I would volunteer to drop out and play some SCS or Reluctant Enemies.

      If we have enough players for a second game, I can start punching my copy, unless someone else has a punched copy.  Getting excited!


      On 08/28/2014 05:43 PM, artbrochet@... [BottosCon] wrote:

      Pocketed, but then rather than breaking out to the nearest friendly line, or waiting for a relief force (like that was gonna happen!) Hube fought the pocket across the Soviet front to where - when he did rejoin AGS - he filled a gap between the flank and the Carpathians.

      Just sayin' it wasn't your normal pocket.

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