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2830Re: Planning for Hube's

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  • fremonster@ymail.com
    6 Sep, 2014
      It seems we have at least 4 solid players (I'm hoping for more) and so there will be flexibility galore in picking scenarios and arranging players.  Each of the 5 scenarios (which can also serve as a starting point for the campaign) have appeal.  On one hand it would be nice to have different scenarios on display so various stages of the campaign can be seen in relation to one another.  On the other hand having multiple set-ups of the same scenario would serve to highlight the huge variation in strategic approaches - in both attack and defense - that can be taken, particularly given the wide freedom in initial positions.

      So, for you early adopters; what your preference? Turns 1-4, 7-13, 9-13, 18-23, or 24-32? No poll, just a roll call; kibitzers welcome.
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