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  • Duncan Rice
    10 Sep, 2014
      I am looking for a Sunday Bottoscon game. Rob might be available for me to play Into the Bastards but since we can play each other outside the con I thought I would look for other opportunities first. If anyone is interested in these games let me know.
      1. Commands and Colors Ancients (Just started playing a few weeks ago)
      2. Storm Over Stalingrad (I have never played this but the rules look simple)
      3. F.A.B. Sicily (Played a few years ago)
      4. Over the Top (The Decision Games box. I haven’t played it but am aware that DG doesn’t have a great reputation)
      5. Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit (I will teach this if you’re patient)
      6. Rommel in the Desert
      7. Anzio/Cassino by Worthington Games. Not a great game but simple and light over a coffee.
      8. Any number of Decision Games folio editions or Victory Point Game ziplocks. Let me know what you are interested in. You can easily read the rules for these Friday or Saturday to play on Sunday.
      If there are no takers to these I’ll dig out some games that I would need to learn.
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