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2887Re: [BottosCon] BottosCon 2014 Database Issues

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  • danielcar67
    10 Sep, 2014
          I cannot edit the database.  I even signed out then signed back in on my desk top computer.  I can add a row, but there is no edit/delete symbol that I can see on the left of each event. ??? 
      Dan C.
      In a message dated 9/10/2014 5:58:54 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, BottosCon@... writes:

      Guys, a lot of people seem to be having difficulty accessing the database. Without more information I don't know how to address your issue. Please review the following steps, if you continue to have problems please message me directly at scouterrob@...

      1. First, make sure you are logged into the yahoo site. If you are not a member of the group, you can see the messages but you can not interact.

      2. Once you are logged in, on the main page you will see 4 pull down tabs across the top of the page. Conversations. Photos. About. More. Click in the more tab.

      3. From the pulldown menu, select database.

      4. You will now gave access to all of the databases. Choose the BottosCon 2014 schedule.

      5. Once you are in the database, you can create a new e vent by clicking on the add row tab. Please fill in all the required boxes, or as much information as you have.

      6. To edit an event, you will see an edit/delete symbol on the left of each event. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be very careful and do not accidentally delete someone's event. 

      7. I want to have the game schedule and events finalized NO LATER than October 30, 2014 so Art Brochet can do the table layout. We then need to communicate this information to the hotel. Events not finalized by October 30, or submitted after the deadline are subject to space availability on the day of the convention.

      8. I have noticed that when using my smartphone I can view the yahoo site but can't post or access the database.

      9. When using my tablet, the site sometimes freezes up. I'm using an Android tablet.< /span>

      I hope this information helps everyone out. As I said I am having a new site constructed, but I do not believe it will be ready in time for this year's convention. 

      Thank you for your patience and understanding. I look forward to seeing all of you thus  November, if not sooner.

      Rob Bottos

      BottosCon Actual

      PS. If you haven't registered yet, or made your hotel reservation, please do so post haste :-) 

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