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  • oldguy59_wgf
    20 Sep, 2014
      I just put some comments on the 2014 Schedule to update the games for this year.

      Friday night: Furball with Fokker D.VIIs vs Sopwith Snipes. I now have 5 each, and if we need more mayhem, Rob can throw more into the mix.

      Saturday morning: Nothing set, but the tables should be available for something.

      Saturday afternoon: Defend London.  Gotha bombers, or something else, will be on the way to London.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stop the raid!  If I get the model I want, it will be nearly impossible!  Carnage will ensue, regardless of whether the raid gets through or not.

      Saturday night: The 2nd Annual Dogfight Challenge.  Rob wants to win this as Top Ace, not the Bullet Magnet award like last year.  Roger is looking at defending his title.  I am in discussions with the ARES North American Rep for prize support.  If I get what I am asking for, it will be awesome for all the participants!

      This year's Wings of Glory appearance will be a bigger blast than last year, I'm sooo pumped.

      See You There!

      OldGuy59 (wingsofwar.org)
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