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2925Re: [BottosCon] Jay White more games for sale or trade

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  • Jeff Newell
    26 Sep, 2014

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      On Sep 26, 2014, at 4:23 PM, Jay White gogomax49@... [BottosCon] <BottosCon@...> wrote:


      Yet more games from me. Make me an offer! Priced to sell! 

      I'm also interested in trades for: 

      Offensive a Outrance
      Navajo Wars
      GMT: Dark Valley
      Line of Battle: Last Chance Victory
      Any of the SPW Der Weltkrieg Games

      Here's the games! All unpunched and near mint unless stated otherwise:

      GMT - Downtown

      GMT - Rise of the Roman Republic

      GMT - Carthage: The First Punic War

      GMT - Clash of Monarchs

      GMT - Prussia‚Äôs Glory II 

      GMT - Next War: Korea (played once, but in excellent condition) 

      GMT - The Caucasus Campaign

      GMT - Serpents of the Seas

      GMT - The Battle for Normandy Expansion

      GMT - The Great War in Europe Deluxe

      Decision Games - Highway to the Reich

      Avalon Hill - Empires in Arms (a used copy that I purchased. Complete.)

      MMP - Afrika II (SCS)

      The Gamers Civil War Brigade Series:

      - Three Battles of Manassas

      - Malvern Hill

      - Gaines Mill

      - Strike Them a Blow

      - In Their Quiet Fields

      Clash of Arms - Summer Storm 

      Clash of Arms - Command at Sea package including:

      Harpoon 4 - near mint, some box wear.

      South Atlantic War 2nd Edition - mint - The Battle for the Falklands
      Atlantic Navies - near mint - the front of the box is slightly indented in one corner from a bad stacking job, but you could flatten it back out with a couple books in a week. 
      Convoy - mint, With Module Number 1: Deadly Waters:  "Fast - play tactical rules for the battle of the Atlantic". Meant to play with Atlantic Navies
      Russo-Japanese War - Scenarios for the Russo-Japanese War Feb 1904-Sept 1905 - Meant to play with Fear God Dread Naught
      Fear God Dread Naught - Complete game, excellent condition, unpunched.

      Victory Games - Gulf Strike

      Victory Games - Pacific War 

      Victory Games - Aegean Strike

      Victory Games - Flashpoint: Golan

      Victory Games - Central America

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