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2935Re: [BottosCon] Please move conversation to Google Group

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  • Rick Smith
    11 Oct, 2014
      Hi Rob,
        I tried to join, and I am waiting for my invite to be approved.

        Warm regards, Rick.

      On 2014-10-11, at 2:36 PM, scouterrob@... [BottosCon] wrote:

      Guys, please move these conversations to the new Google Group. If you are having difficulty joining the Google Group, please let Martin or myself know and we will try to get it sorted out. I know some people don't want to create a Google ID. I chose this option so that only people with real names join the new site. I'm very spread thin for time between getting the convention going, and campaigning for school trustee, and it would make my life easier if you migrated to the new site. Thank you very much.

      Rob Bottos


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