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2940Hube's Plans - rules/options

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  • Art Brochet
    2 Nov, 2014
    Gentlemen - 

    For the upcoming weekend, we will be using the most recent version of the OCS rules - v4.1a (available here: www.gamersarchive.net/theGamers/archive/ocs.htm ) with the following series optionals:
    21.2 Proportional Strength
    21.7 Revised Rebuilds - easier, but limited hoarding
    21.9 Reactive Artillery
    21.10b Anti-Raider Rule - Shift-off

    Changes worth noting in 4.1a are:
    12.5e A fueled HQ can only throw fuel from a single location each phase.  This affects a a moving HQ, which must choose whether to throw fule from it starting hex or its ending hex.
    12.8e Breakout  - C) On the first turn a unit finds itself out of trace supply... the success chance is improved by a +1 DRM and transport points are also eligible to breakout.

    As a matter of common practice:
    13.7b Fog of War Option will be in effect - allowing tank corps or panzer divisions to "hide" by replacing them with their Formation marker on the map, under other units.

    We will also incorporate the latest Series rules errata and clarifications - attached.  

    Hube's Pocket Variants in effect:
    All organic trucks begin the scenario loaded (in addition to the SPs) otherwise provided.

    Additional units in play (Clayton - bring 'em if ya got 'em)
    The additional Soviet AT Brigades for the 1 & 2 UkrainianFront (provided in the 1997 X-mas bonus counter sheet)
    The German organic AT units (provided in the 1999 and 2000 bonus counter sheets)

    Map clarifications:
    There are a host of difficult to identify forest hexes, as the symbol was not really a different color, just a variation in the graphic style.  My big ass map has new markings for this (and for the mountain borders too).
    There will be an additional single track railroad from off map through Zhitomir (48.34) to Berdichev (47.29) and Popelnya (54.29) paralleling the roads.  Just for historical chrome and to make the German's live even more miserable.

    That's it.  Again, if you have any huge heartache with these edicts, feel free to demur...  Next up are victory objectives and special incentives.

    - Art
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