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2949Re: [BottosCon] Re: Please move conversation to Google Group

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  • Rick Smith
    6 Nov, 2014
      Hi Rob,
        the problem was the invitation to the Bottos con did not go to my email but
      to gmail.  (Which I forgot I even had.)  I noticed a link from google that said 
      gmail had mail.  I eventually logged on and clicked on the join bottos con
      group, but the invitation had expired.

        So could you send it to me again?

        Thanks Rick.

      On 2014-10-13, at 4:06 PM, scouterrob@... [BottosCon] wrote:

      Rick, I just checked the google group and I show an invite to join the google group was sent to you on October 9, 2014. Please check your inbox. 

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