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413Re: Game Schedule

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  • Rob
    3 Nov, 2008
      Art, I think 9am is when the doors open on Saturday and Sunday
      mornings. Need to allow people to have breakfast and clean up.

      --- In BottosCon2008@..., "Art Brochet" <art@...> wrote:
      > Hey all -
      > I've posted a tentative game schedule in the database section of this
      > site. If you are hosting a game (or games) please check to see if I
      > have your particulars correct. If I somehow missed your game entirely
      > I offer my apologies - it is not too late to amend.
      > There are tables set-aside for open gaming - these will be on a first
      > come basis - but there are also some scheduled tables that are not
      > being used 24/7. Please let me know if you'd like to "book" a space
      > on one of these.
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