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  • Rob
    4 Aug, 2009
      Guys, just wanted to say that the level of chatter with 3 months prior to the con. is very encouraging. Please talk to your friends and let's see if we can get our numbers up to a respectable 50 for this year.

      Anthony Santiago has once again worked his magic and done an awesome job on this year's convention flyer. If you have a hobby store near where you live please print off a copy and walk it down to your nearest gaming den. I'm taking a bunch down to Dragonflight this Friday.

      In terms of games I'd like to see this year, here is my list.

      1. Combat Commander
      2. None But Heroes: Antietam, Line of Battle
      3. Twilight Struggle
      4. Fury of Dracula
      5. Arkham Horror
      6. Fleets 2025
      7. Race for the Galaxy
      8. SCS-a-thon
      9. Barren Victory
      10. Zero! Down in Flames
      11. Dead of Winter

      Open gaming will be the mainstay of the convention but this does not preclude the setting up of events prior to the con. and reserving a table.

      I want to try the silent auction again this year and will have more detailed information closer to the con. I'd also like to either take up a collection for our Canadian troops in Afghanistan or a donation for the local food bank/Christmas hamper.

      My friend Bruce Hansen has agreed to be the photographer for the Con.

      So, keep up the chatter and please help spread the word.
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