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518[BottosCon] Up Front

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  • Andrew Nick
    14 Aug, 2009

      The vehicle rules in Up Front are ridiculously onerous for what little they add to a game whose focus is primarily infantry action.  Anyone who is familiar with the game can give you a five-minute lowdown on what you need to know about vehicles for any given scenario (only half of which feature vehicles … ) prior to playing, and various in-game effects involving the vehicle can be handled by the experienced player.


      So far, interested in Up Front, we have:


      Duncan Rice

      Dan Owsen

      Colin Woo

      Andrew Nick


      I smell a tournament …




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      Hm... I have Up Front but never really learned it beyond infantry. Not sure if I remember even that now. Perhaps I should dig it out of storage.



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      UP FRONT!!!!!!


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      I'm hoping to be able to attend this year, finances and time constraints willing. Taking the train from Seattle sounds like a good way to go.

      It seems like there are already some great events on the docket with SCS Bastogne or Fallschirmjager and ASL being of interest to me. Other games I am recently interested in playing include Elusive Victory and Empire of the Sun. My GD '42 game also glares at me, begging me to try to play it some time. Always up for some Up Front as well.

      Hope to see you all there.

      Dan Owsen

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