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  • Bill Blackmer
    14 Aug, 2009

      Hello Art,


      If you are interested in selling your ASL stuff please send me an email at Feynman.physics  @  gmail.com.

      Especially if you are selling Code of Bushido and/or Guang Ho. Or Red B.


      Bill Blackmer




      I enjoyed ASL for years but was eventually overwhelmed by the rules. (About the time "Code of Bushido" came out I packed my set away - any buyers?)


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      I have to chime in here with accolades for Conflict of Heroes.
      I enjoyed ASL for years but was eventually overwhelmed by the rules. (About the time "Code of Bushido" came out I packed my set away - any buyers?)
      I have all the Up Front modules and like the game a great deal for its combination of simplicity & depth. The armor is admittedly a bit unwieldly.
      Combat Commander leaves me cold. (Sorry Rob...) Maybe it is the degree of randomness. I like card management. I like WWII tactical. I like quick play and tough decisions. I love the development of a good narrative line. But I want the story to make sense.
      Conflict of Heroes seemingly offers the intensity of ASL without the rules burden, the strategic options of UpFront (and more!) with real clarity, plus great production values, phenomenal interactivity, and quick play sessions. The only serious complaint grognards seem to have with it is that the defense is not as flexible as it should be - an issue elegantly dealt with in the new rules accompanying the second game in the CoH series (Storm of Steel - Kursk '43). This should be out somewhat before BottosCon and it also introduces air units within the same straightforward system that is used for infantry, guns and armor.
      I've run CoH sessions at ConQuest and Dragonflight '09 and have only grown to appreciate the system more. I wouldn't be surprised if a large proportion of ASL devotees shift to the system once another few modules come out.

      Having said all that, I am personally willing to focus on a multiplayer TDC or something else at BottosCon. But there is no reason I can't bring CoH up for others to play with if there is interest. (Bill G. has a copy too...)

      - Art in Seattle

      game--- In BottosCon@..., "D. Owsen" <zebradano@...> wrote:

      > I don't have anything against Combat Commander, but the one time I did
      play it, I just kept thinking, "I'd rather be playing Up Front or ASL." Agree that vehicles are not the strong point of Up Front, but at least they are an option. ;-)
      > Tournament sounds good if we can get a few copies of the game together.
      > Dan
      > --- In BottosCon@...,
      "Rob" <ScouterRob@> wrote:
      > >
      > > And hey, if you like Up Front, you'll love Combat Commander :) Bryan
      Collars, designer of numerous Combat Commander scenarios has kindly offered to design some tournament scenarios for me to use at BottosCon.
      > > Rob
      > >

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