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  • barberbrood@telus.net
    15 Aug, 2009
      Well first off I will definitely be there this year. No conflict with work this time because I'm on holidays.

      I'm excited about the ASL tourney but I would definitely be in on a TDC game or even a campaign. I'd also be interested in an OCS game as well.

      Looking forward to it guys

      Matt Barber

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      From: Jay White
      Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 19:46:53 -0700 (PDT)
      To: <BottosCon@...>
      Subject: Re: [BottosCon] Re: Up Front


      TDC would be a blast, and I'll stay committed to hosting a big game if 2-3 others are interested and committed to playing for the whole convention.

      But if there's insufficient interest, I wouldn't be disappointed. .. I'd be just as happy playing any number of other, smaller games. I'd love to get in on a couple SCS games. I'd also like to get it on a bit of Line of Battle (new RSS) to see how the rules are working since I stopped playtesting it a few months ago.

      I'm just getting jazzed about CDG's. I've only played Shifting Sands, but I'd love to try a few more out (and probably will, before the con starts).

      I was kinda hoping Andrew Nick would want to host a Diplomacy game. Never played it, always wanted to.

      Not to mention about 8,000 other games / series, including GMT's GBoH, L2's Bitter Woods, FAB Bulge... GAH! I better stop or I'll pee my pants with excitement.

      For now, I'll leave it at "Jay is hosting TDC", and will wait another 1-2 months to see how many people are interested.


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