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539Re: [BottosCon] Re: Another possible Seattle attendee

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  • duncanr@telus.net
    18 Aug, 2009

      I'm not new to wargaming but I may as well be since I play maybe one game of ASLSK a year these days. I'm hoping to be at the con for Nov 6 and/or 7. Tap me on the shoulder if you are interested in an ASLSK game.



      On Aug 17, 2009, martibm <martibm@...> wrote:


      Hello all,

      I attended Rob's Combat Commander session at Dragonflight, and learned about BottosCon 2009 there.

      I'm relatively new to wargaming, and I'm wondering how noob friendly it will be. I have experience with Memoir & Command and Colors: Ancients, Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex and Conflict of Heroes. I also played a game of Combat Commander: Europe, and a couple of turns of ASLSK at the con.


      Bryan Martin

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