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  • Jay White
    21 Aug, 2009
      More about The Devil's Cauldron:

      There is one main complaint among people who claim to have played the TDC campaign.  They say that it can be difficult for the British 1st Airborne units to reach their historical position (i.e. a force holds the north end of the Arnhem Bridge) in the crucial hours right after the jump.  Some complain that the rest of the campaign becomes too difficult if the British aren't in this position.  I'm not sure if this is a vocal minority who is incorrect, or what. 

      In the campaign I'm currently playing, the 1st Airborne was pushed off the bridgehead after a day, and the game till feels close, but who knows.  The 82nd Airborne is pounding Nijmegen and I'm trying like mad to allocate enough units to hold the Nijmegen bridge, while keep pressure on the 1st Airborne in the outskirts of Arnhem in Oosterbeek.

      If the opening turns really DO have a huge effect on the overall campaign, and we do end up playing TDC there are three solutions we could consider:

      1) Give the more experienced player the 1st Airborne. 

      2) Play using Campaign 2,3, or 4, which give the Allies freedom to choose their Drop Zones.  This could be a lot of fun (and is one of the great things about TDC that enhance its replayability, and which I really look forward to).  What if the 1st Airborne dropped just south of the Arnhem bridge, instead of way on the west side of Oosterbeek?

      3) Use the new campaign start date that Adam Starkweather published in Special Operations #2.  This is a later start date that places the British 1st Airborne units in their historical positions at the Arnhem bridge. 

      I kinda like Option number 3. 

      Devil's Cauldron is a great game, I'm appreciating its subtleties more with each turn I play.  It's tense!


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