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  • Jeffrey Newell
    21 Aug, 2009
      Play wiht the Ox and BUcks variant.  2 gliders land right on the bridge (like they did at Pegasus Bridge)

      Jeffrey Newell
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      Are you planning on playing, Stephen?  Either way, your comments are appreciated. 

      I don't really mind either way, but I want people to know that there are other options. 

      When (and if) we get some players committed to playing, we can all decide which version of the campaign we play. 

      My opponent and I think the Allied players might be trying too hard for the Arnhem Bridge historical route, when there are other ways across the Rhine. (Pontoon and Railroad Bridge).  There's also an option of using the ferry to reach the south side of the bridge.  (This is the ferry that was cut loose, further west along the Rhine, where the 1st Airborne eventually extracted themselves across the river.)

      Good times, either way!


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      At 12:08 PM 8/21/2009, you wrote:
      >More about The Devil's Cauldron:
      >There is one main complaint among people who claim to have played
      >the TDC campaign. They say that it can be difficult for the British
      >1st Airborne units to reach their historical position (i.e. a force
      >holds the north end of the Arnhem Bridge) in the crucial hours right
      >after the jump. Some complain that the rest of the campaign becomes
      >too difficult if the British aren't in this position. I'm not sure
      >if this is a vocal minority who is incorrect, or what.

      You know, the historical circumstances were a fairly low probability
      event. The likely result, looking at in hindsight, is that 1 Para
      Brigade grinds to a halt in the suburbs and nothing Allied makes it
      to the north end of the bridge. The victory conditions should reflect that.

      >If the opening turns really DO have a huge effect on the overall
      >campaign, and we do end up playing TDC there are three solutions we
      >could consider:

      >You should just play the historical drop.

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