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567games at BottosCon

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  • robinkorea2002
    30 Aug, 2009
      Well it isn't even september and already there has been some good discussion on games to be played this year. So far it sounds like there is interest in the following:

      1. ASL West Coast Rumble - this is a given.

      2. The Devil's Cauldron

      3. Up Front

      4. Line of Battle: None but Heroes Antietam

      5. Combat Commander

      We have 2 new potential attendees, one from Washington State and one from Ottawa, Ontario. They both want to play games so let's see if we can figure out what they want to play and see if we can help convince them to attend.

      Here are some other games that interest me:

      1. Arhham Horror - run this on Saturday night.

      2. Twilight Struggle

      3. Check Your Six - The Trumpeteers ran this last year and it seemed to be popular. Is there still interest for this year?

      4. Chrononauts - this is a fun multi-player card game that can be played in 30 minutes.

      5. Unhappy King Charles

      6. Pursuit of Glory

      7. GMT's Revolutionary War series.

      We don't need to get a schedule firmed up but yet but let's see if we can at least get specific individuals willing to take on the running of certain games.

      I'll kick things off by saying that I'll be running None But Heroes Antietam on Sunday morning.

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