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  • Barber
    9 Oct, 2009
      Jay, I'm more than happy to bring my copy of Devils Cauldron for Sunday if you want to get two games going. If I make it to the fourth round of the ASL tournament I'll be amazed.
      For Friday night I'd love to play a scenario of Devils Cauldron if anyone is up for it. If we get 4 guys we could probably play one of the bigger ones. I haven't talked to him yet but I think Mike Erskine will be in, so that would leave room for 2 more. Let me know if there are any takers.
      If there's no takers I'd be up for some OCS, as long as you can handle a relatively new players.
      Matt Barber
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      From: Jay White
      Sent: Friday, October 09, 2009 6:05 PM
      Subject: Re: [BottosCon] Re: Limitations


      Book me a table, Rob!  And if possible, two adjacent tables for Sunday.

      FRIDAY first thing at my table:

      I hereby challenge Art Brochet to a game of Fallschirmjager to start off Pig War 2009!  (Pig War - great name for a tourney).  If Art gets waylaid by OCS: Baltic Gap, I'll either get into OCS or play SCS against someone else.

      SATURDAY morning:  finish off SCS game, or play a quick game.  I will be bringing the following games, and am willing to teach.  If you're interested in playing any of them, let me know in advance or just let me know at the tourney:

      1805: Sea of Glory
      Shifting Sands
      SCS: Bastogne

      SATURDAY afternoon / evening:  Angola if 2 other players step up.  If not, more free-for all gaming at my table or will others.

      SUNDAY, need two tables for:  DEVIL'S CAULDRON Campaign Game - from the new start in Special Operations #2.  We should get through quite a few turns - enough for people to get a feel for how awesome the game is.  If there's enough interest / time, and someone else brings a game too, we might be able to set up two parallel games, which I'd be happy to teach and look over.


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