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683Re: [BottosCon] Victory Point Games

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  • Michel Boucher
    11 Oct, 2009
      robinkorea2002 wrote:

      > Is there any interest in a Victory Point Games mini-marathon? VPG has
      > some very interesting 2 playr and solo player games. I have Fleets 2025
      > East China Sea and my copy of Zulus on the Ramparts will arrive in tine
      > for the convention. Drive on Metz is both a VPG and GMT game. I'll also
      > have the playtest of The Lost Cause - VPG's next game in the States of
      > Siege series and it covers the American Civil War.

      I have about a dozen of them (plus expansion sets) but I won't be
      bringing them all, obviously. Like I said, I am proposing bringing

      - Paul Koenig's D-Day: Juno Beach

      - Frank Chadwick's The Arduous Beginning (ordered)

      - Assault on Sevastopol

      - Fleets 2025: East China Sea

      - Napoleonic 20: Waterloo

      And for my own interest before the convention, Empires in America and
      Nemo's War. I'll be most interested in seeing The Lost Cause.


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