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  • robinkorea2002
    12 Oct, 2009
      Matt, VPG has put out some really cool games. I really like their States of Siege series. Granted it's solitaire but the 2 games I've seen so far work very well. I'll have Zulus on the Ramparts and the playtest of The Lost Cause with me at the convention. Drive on Metz is a great introductory game and still provides a tense situation for the veteran grognard.


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      > I'd be interested in playing a VPG game. I didn't even know about this game company till you guys started talking about it and after checking out there website I'd love to give some of them a try. I'm in the ASL tournament so I'd be looking for a game for Friday night possibly. I'm up for any of them.
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      > Is there any interest in a Victory Point Games mini-marathon? VPG has some very interesting 2 playr and solo player games. I have Fleets 2025 East China Sea and my copy of Zulus on the Ramparts will arrive in tine for the convention. Drive on Metz is both a VPG and GMT game. I'll also have the playtest of The Lost Cause - VPG's next game in the States of Siege series and it covers the American Civil War.
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