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690Re: [BottosCon] Re: Game Swap

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  • David Steacy Antonio
    13 Oct, 2009

      I have a bunch of ASL and OCS stuff that I'd be willing to trade/sell off, as I'm interested in a copy of Pax R.


      At 08:52 PM 10/12/2009 -0700, you wrote:

      I have a few games I'll put up for trade.
      Duel of Ages, Pax Romana(GMT) The Bulge (GMT) and possibly my Combat Commanders both europe and med, (GMT) if the right games are available.

      I'm looking for:
      Pursuit of Glory, A Victory Denied, OCS series games, ASL gear include Journals and Annuals, and I'm also open to VPG games
      Matt B
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      From: robinkorea2002
      To: BottosCon@...
      Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 8:32 PM
      Subject: [BottosCon] Re: Game Swap


      Mark Woloshen askedme to post the following for him:

      Hi boys,

      Here is my list of games for trade/want.

      For Trade: Julius Caesar (TSR), Twilight in the East (GMT - shrinkwrapped and unopened), Spires of the Kremlin (3W), Friedland (Games USA), Imperium (GDW), The Cossacks are Coming (Bro Games), Carthage (GMT), Barbarians (3W), Rise and Fall (EMS), Home Before the Leaves Fall (Clash of Arms), SS Amerika (3W).

      Looking For: Barbarossa: Army Group Center (GMT), D-Day: The Great Crusade (2nd ed)(Moments in History), Operation Mercury (GMT), Strike Them a Blow (MMP), Command & Colors Ancients Expansion #2 Barbarians (GMT), SS Abyss, Totensontag (LaL), Blood & Steel (L2).

      If interested, contact me here or through the Bottoscon page.

      --- In BottosCon@..., "robinkorea2002" <ScouterRob@...> wrote:
      > Guys, as mentoned much earlier in the posts, it's been suggested that instead of a silent auction, we have a game swap instead. If you have any games you want to trade, please reply to this post and list what you have to trade and what it is you are looking for.
      > I'll kick things off:
      > I have a sealed copy of GMT's Dead of Winter up for trade. I'm looking for the following games:
      > COA's The Hell of Stalingrad
      > Critical Hit: In Flanders Fields
      > VPG's: Zulus on the Ramparts, Empires in America, Soviet Dawn, Bulge 20, Crisis 2020
      > LnL's: Flintlock, Death of the First Panzer
      > MMP's: Bastogne, Crusader, Talevera
      > GMT's: Reds, Cataphract,
      > Hexasim: Liberty Roads
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