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740Rick's Plans.

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  • Rick
    29 Oct, 2009
      Hi Rob,
      Sorry I've been so slow answering your question about
      what I've planned, but the fact of the matter I don't
      really have plans.

      I was thinking of bringing a collection of Eurogames
      and lighter war games and then being available to play
      with people who drop in, or anyone waiting a couple
      hours for something to start later.

      I also think that it is good to have some games with
      less than 25 pages of rules for people who are new to
      the hobby.

      Anyway, I was thinking of playing host for Friday,
      get in a few games on Saturday including your Twilight
      Struggle and leave Sunday open. Thus I would like a
      table on Friday, but not Sat or Sun.

      Warm regards, Rick.
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