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755Normandy games, etc.

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  • Scot
    31 Oct, 2009

      Some of us down at Metro Seattle Gamers are waiting for the release of GMT's Battle for Normandy to play as our next large team game. However my impatience is already giving me a case of Normandyitis so I plan to bring the following games:

      Hexasim's Liberty Roads (http://www.hexasim.com/lr/jeu.php). This game covers all of the Western Front 44-45 at the divisional scale. I have played once with Steve Graham's copy and found the game to be a true delight. My copy shipped from France early this week so I am pretty confident that I will have it in time for this convention (that is why I bought it rather than wait for GMT to take over American distribution). With 16 pages of rules, the game plays pretty fast and a complete campaign can be comfortably played over the weekend, with some time to spare for another short game or two. That is why I plan to bring it. Mr. Graham, playing as the Germans, trounced me by cruelly holding me in the bocage far, far too long for my own good. Stubborn person that I am, I hope to improve upon my poor performance as the Allies. So I am looking for an opponent who likes the Germans' challenge of balancing an aggressive defense in the bocage with the requirements of establishing sustainable lines of defense after the Allies break out, along with holding the trump of a good spoiling counter attack. It will not take long for me to teach someone the rules (also available in .pdf format from the Hexasim site). If you liked MMP/Gamers The Mighty Endeavor (I did) you will like Liberty Roads.

      DDH's June 1944/August 1944 (http://www.ddhgames.com/). Designed by the same designer as GMT's forthcoming Battle For Normandy, June 1944 won a 2008 Charles Roberts Award and is intended to be a short duration divisional scale treatment of the same subject. While I do have a copy of this game (including the expansion) I have not yet had the chance to play it. It looks very playable with only ten pages of rules. I suspect that the combined games can be played in six hours or less.

      While I am hoping for Liberty Roads to be my primary activity I will also bring along some shorter duration Victory Point Games titles:

      Operation Veritable (with the Canadians, in the flooded Rhine, conducting one of the strangest island hopping campaigns of WWII)
      Fleets 2025
      Drive on Metz

      I will also bring a copy of GMT's Wellington, still my favorite CDG.

      I look forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones too!

      Scot McConnachie
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