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760Friendly reminder

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  • robinkorea2002
    1 Nov, 2009
      Hi guys, we're 116 hours and 26 minutes till convention time. I wanted to remind all our our guests from south of the border to make sure you have either your passport or enhanced drivers license with you, otherwise you won't be allowed back into your country once you leave :)

      I plan to be onsite at 4:30pm and the convention doors will open at 5pm. If you arrive early you can take the opportinity to wander over to the local Tim Horton's and have a fabulous cup of coffee and a doughnut or two. When the doors open at 5pm I will have the convention badges laid out on a table. Please take your badge and initial the sign in sheet. Take one door prize ticket, write your name on it and place your ticket in the bucket. I will also have a box for any and all donations for the food bank/share society.

      We will be able to leave games set up over night but the hotel will want us out of the gaming area by midnight.

      The gaming room will re-open at 9am on Saturday morning - unless you are in the ASL tournament, in which case you will have to see George Kelln for admittance. I will be on site at 9am.

      If you are planning to pay for your convention pass upon arrival, please have exact change and have Canadian currency. I do not accept cheques or money orders at the door.

      See you guys on Friday.
      Rob Bottos
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