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851RE: [Metro Seattle Gamers] Conquest NW in 2 weeks - GREAT wargame lineup!

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  • Jeff Newell
    30 Dec, 2009
      Totally want to play your game thomas! Will save room in our area for it
      for sure.

      Can I be the Sounders or ManU?


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      Subject: RE: [Metro Seattle Gamers] Conquest NW in 2 weeks - GREAT wargame

      It's not a wargame per se, but I wanted to give a shout out to a game that
      didn't make Jeff's list: FC.

      You probably haven't heard of it yet, because FC is a new, card-driven
      soccer game that I've designed. It uses an engine similar to GMT's "Down in
      Flames" series (if you're familiar with that line), and ConQuest NW will be
      the game's debut. I'll be looking for playtesters to take the managerial
      reins of the local Sounders or their worthy playoff opponents, the Houston

      If all goes well, I'm planning on showing the game to GMT later this year at
      Consimworld Expo. I'm seriously hoping to make FC my fourth published game
      design after Three Battles of Manassas (MMP 2004), Totaler Krieg: Axis
      Empires (Decision Games 2010) and Dai Senso: Axis Empires (DG, 2011 with
      fingers crossed).

      If you're at all interested in soccer, sports games or card games, I hope
      you'll swing by my table for a playtest. I'm estimating FC will have a 30-45
      minute play time, so it won't be a big commitment on your part. Do let me
      know if you're interested. I'll be there in my rave green Sounders FC
      jersey. Scarves up!


      Thomas Prowell

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      Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 11:13:39 -0800
      Subject: [Metro Seattle Gamers] Conquest NW in 2 weeks - GREAT wargame

      Hi Guys,

      A little over two weeks to go! We have a strong line up and good prizes.
      Here are the games that have events:

      ASL tourney (of course)
      World at War (blood and bridges)
      Great War in Europe Deluxe (Monster WW1)
      Blood of Noble Men (Alamo)
      Baltic Gap (OCS)
      The Devil's Cauldron (Market Garden Monster)
      Elusive Victory (Arab/Isreali Air)
      Liberty Roads (WW2 Europe)
      Maria (Austrian Sucession)
      Epic Ancients (8 players!)
      Bastogne (SCS)
      Batalille de la Moscowa (COA Napoleonic)
      Here I Stand
      Axis and Allies
      Royal Navy/Destroyer Captain
      Caucasus Campaign
      Medieval Tourney
      Battle for Normandy (Dday Monster)
      Wallace's War

      And more. Register now for event and hotel at:

      See you in two weeks.


      Jeff Newell
      206 409 6782

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