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920Re: [BottosCon] Games to be considered for BottosCon 2010

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  • Alan Snider
    23 Aug, 2010
      Matt, I too am interested in playing Normandy '44 (campaign game is my vote)

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      A lot of good games listed so far - so little time, hopefully I'll get a few games of Combat Commander, ASLSK and Twilight Struggle in over the weekend as well as playing Up Front on Friday

      Of those mentioned so far, I'd be interested in one or two of Normandy 44, Breakout Normandy, Rommel in the Desert or Here I Stand (I have all but HIS - but would need to get upto speed before the con)

      I'd like to toss the following out there to gauge interest:

      Eastfront (2)
      Napoleon's Triumph
      CC:Ancients (Epic)

      Finally I would be interested in team playing D-Day at Omaha Beach


      On Sat, Aug 21, 2010 at 8:13 AM, Duncan Rice <duncanr@...> wrote:
      Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit.
      I have a few games I would like to play but either haven't for years or remain unpunched. If I get an opponent before hand I'll read up on the rules.
      Stonewall Jackson's Way
      Breakout Normandy
      Tac Air
      Rommel in the Desert
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      Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 7:32 PM
      Subject: [BottosCon] Games to be considered for BottosCon 2010

      I thought it would be a good time to get some chatter going about games to be played at BottosCon 2010.

      1. ASL West Coast Rumble - third year running by George Kelln.

      2. Up Front - run by Andrew Nick on Friday evening.

      3. Flattop - Art Brochet is thinking of running a multi-player refereed game. The talk at Dragonflight was about using the forces for Midway in an alternative battle.

      4. Vimy Ridge: Canada on the Attack - Scot McConnachie is leaning towards running this classic Kerry Anderson game.

      5. None But Heroes: Antietam - if there is sufficient interest I will run this game as it uses Dean Essig's new Line of Battle Rules. I'll want a firm committment as I need to re-assemble my playtest kit.

      6. Normandy '44 - this game lends itself quite nicely to team play. any takers?

      7. Men of Iron Marathon - are there any takers for a Men of Iron mini-Marathon? Could include aplaytest of some of the Infidel scenarios.

      Any other suggestions?

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