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951Re: Battlestar Galactica at BottosCon

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  • robinkorea2002
    25 Aug, 2010
      Michel, once you have the logistics of your trip worked out please let me know. If you're not able to visit your daughter you'd be welcome to stay in my home and even join me at Remembrance Day ceremonies on November 11th.

      --- In BottosCon@..., "Michel Boucher" <alsandor@...> wrote:
      > On 25 Aug 2010 at 16:18, robinkorea2002 wrote:
      > > Ok, we have our 6th player Stephen Newberg. Apparently there is a way to
      > > add in a 7th player but it involves adding in the Pegasus expansion and
      > > one person will actively be a Cylon. Or we can run a second game if there
      > > is enough interest. Rob
      > I have the expansion but have not used it and honestly, I think there is
      > enough tension in the vanilla game.
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