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BottosCon 2008 re-cap

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  • Rob
    I d like to thank eveyone who helped to make this year s convention such a great success. In particular Anthony Santiago for his awesome convention logo and
    Message 1 of 1 , 9 Nov, 2008
      I'd like to thank eveyone who helped to make this year's convention
      such a great success. In particular Anthony Santiago for his awesome
      convention logo and flyer, Art Brochet for our room layout and
      schedule, and Brian Moore for printing off our convention badges.

      In terms of raw numbers we had 38 people playing games at any given
      time over the course of the weekend. If you count the two people who
      dropped in to visit and observe that brings our numbers up to 40.

      We had 25 people pre-register, and 22 showed up. We had 16 people
      show up at the door, 5 of whom were not even on my radar as

      Ken Young has the singular distinction of travelling the furthest to
      attend our convention. He came all the way from Ottawa to participate
      in the ASL West Coast Rumble. Rich Jenulis camea a close second as he
      just moved to Wagshinton State from Columbus, Ohio.

      We had 9 guys come up from various parts of Washington State. 7 guys
      came ove from Vancouver Island, and 1 guy came down from Vernon. The
      largest contingent by far were the 21 guys from the Lower Mainland.

      This year saw the debut of George Kelln's ASL West Coast Rumble at
      our convention. ASL proved to be the largest single game played at
      the convention, with 10 people participating in the tournament. The
      ASL West Coast Rumble will now be a regular feature of BottosCon.

      We were alos joined by John Westra of The Trumpeters. John ran a
      demonstration at our convention. From all accounts, Check Your 6 was
      a huge success.

      This year also saw several science fiction and fantasy games appear
      at our convention, of which, Race for the Galaxy seemed to be the
      most popular, wih Twilight Imperium, and Fury of Dracula a close

      Several GMT card driven games were played - Combat Commander,
      Twilight Struggle, Here I Stand, and Successors III.

      Art Brochet's TCS Leros had 4 participants and they went at each
      other with gusto al weekend long.

      Dean Essig's new Line of Battle rules were taken for a test drive by
      Stephen Graham and myself as we sat down to play A Afearful

      Ian Wier of Red Sash Games set up The Queen's Gambit as well as their
      newest game Heirs of the Golden Horde for all interested parties.

      This year also saw our first Silent Auction and we'll do it again
      next year.

      To all those who donated to my care package for the Canadian troops
      in Afghanistan I'd like to say thank you again. We collected 13 dvd
      movies, 5 magazine games, and a large number of pocket books. I know
      my brother and his fellow soldiers will be grateful for our

      So, mark your calendar for November 6-8, 2009 for BottosCon 2009.
      We'll be returning to the Compass Points Inn and if enough of us pre-
      book a hotel room now, we could very well negotiatie a better
      discount for 2009.

      Look for announcements and pre-registration details to begin in
      August 2009. So, until then, all the best, and good gaming to all of

      Rob Bottos
      BottosCon Actual
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